Alpensteinböcke in einem kunstvoll inszenierten Diorama.

Animals of Switzerland

Dioramas 1941

Due to the annual pest monitoring, the «Animals of Switzerland» exhibition will be closed from Monday, April 22 to Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

What rustles in the screed? What scurries through the undergrowth? We are familiar with the local animal world - and yet we rarely get to see many species. The listed exhibition «Animals of Switzerland» brings us closer to the local diversity. It also explores what the progressive loss of habitat means for the individual species.

When this diorama section opened in 1941, local wildlife was virtually unknown to many people. Natural history illustrated books or films were prohibitively expensive or non-existent. In addition, World War II was underway and the 164 dioramas were intended to show the natural treasures that had to be defended on the frontier. «Animals of Switzerland» includes typical alpine species, such as rock ptarmigan and snow hare, shown in summer and winter dress. Impressive are also the more than 145 bird species, from the house sparrow to the rare little owl. 

To this day, the time-honored exhibit of 610 taxidermied native animals has remained an important part of the house - as a historical monument and contemporary document of biodiversity. Some species featured in the show are now extinct, while others have since returned - such as the lynx. In addition to a detailed entrance area with digital photo albums, visitors will find information on each diorama, such as the name or endangerment status of an animal, as well as additional aspects worth knowing about the decline of species and habitat destruction.