The Museum as learning place out of school

For schools

Kinder Schädel Vermittlung Museum
Staunen inklusive: Ein Besuch im Naturhistorischen Museum hinterlässt nachhaltige Eindrücke. NMBE/Schäublin

We provide didactic material in German and especially in the domains of zoology and earth sciences; however, there are no offers of didactic material for schools in English

Guided tours with school classes are not offered for capacity reasons. Instead, we have (almost) everything else that promises to make lessons captivating and purposeful. 

Admission for schools (including preparatory visits) is free. 

Das Picknicken ist in unserer Picknickecke im 1. und 3. Stock sowie im Garten erlaubt. Das Platzangebot in den Picknickecken ist jedoch beschränkt und eine Reservation nicht möglich.

Rules for school classes, daycare centres and other groups

To carers of young people and children

We welcome you warmly and are pleased that you are visiting our museum. To ensure that your visit is a pleasant and lasting experience, we ask you to observe the following rules: The Museum of Natural History is a cultural institution that does a great deal to ensure that young people and children have an exciting and eventful visit. However, during your stay with your children, please also consider and respect the other museum guests who, like you, would like to enjoy the museum.

  1. The caregiver is responsible for the group, ensures that it is run in a cohesive manner and that the house rules are followed. With regard to quietness, distance and the urge to move, he/she guides the group towards a considerate treatment of people and objects. If the group is split up, one chaperone per sub-group is necessary. In case of non-compliance, the chaperone is the contact person for the supervisor.
  2. Please touch only the objects marked for this purpose.
  3. Climbing is allowed in the forest adventure room «Picas Nest». For safety reasons, it is not permitted to take prams, furniture, chairs or other objects into the exhibition. Climbing is not permitted in the rest of the museum.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated, prams may be taken into the exhibitions. Pushchair spaces are available. Please do not park pushchairs in front of emergency exits, escape doors or in narrow corridors..
  5. Food and drink is only permitted in the designated picnic corners and in the museum café. Please leave the picnic areas in a clean condition.
  6. Seating and writing materials are available if needed. If you are interested, please contact a supervisor.
  7. The school/institution as the organiser of the visit is liable for improper handling and losses to museum-owned objects and equipment.

The museum staff is responsible for ensuring compliance with the house rules and for the safety of persons and objects. The instructions of the museum staff must therefore be followed at all times.

We wish you and your group an exciting and enjoyable visit to the museum, and look forward to welcoming you back soon!

We thank you for your cooperation, Your team of the Natural History Museum Bern