Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Ausstellung Tiere des Nordens, Walross Diorama

Animals of the North

Dioramas 1942–1968

Polar bears, musk oxen and seals bask against a backdrop of changing light as day turns into ice-blue polar night – all within a matter of minutes.

This part of the exhibition provides a glimpse into the life of the animals of the Northern Hemisphere. Alongside the typical inhabitants of the North Pole it features the three largest bear species in the world (polar, grizzly and Kodiak), plus an equally awe-inspiring display of walruses, seals and musk oxen. The bird diorama presents some of Norway’s most skilful aerial and aquatic acrobats. While the animal specimens are a time-honoured part of the Museum’s collection, the light show which takes the visitor through a whole day in the icy North is a more recent attraction.