Video: «Winterberg's office hour»

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Prof. Dr. Christian Kropf und Hausmeister Winterberg geben Auskunft
Prof. Dr. Christian Kropf and caretaker Winterberg provide information. NMBE Rodriguez

No audience, no show? Far from it! The programme «Winterbergs Sprechstunde» brings science and humour directly into the living room, this time about spiders and other creepy-crawlies.

Professor Christian Kropf and caretaker Winterberg, played by actor Uwe Schönbeck, devote their own consultation hour to spiders. The duo answers all questions about the little creepy-crawlies.

In spring 2021, in times of pandemic, we looked for new ways to bring the popular duo to you: Before the consultation hour, the public was invited to ask all questions, big and small, about spiders and insects.

This offer is only available in German.

The show «Winterberg’s Office Hour» brings science and humour to your living room. NMBE

For over a decade, the grumpy but lovable caretaker and the scatterbrained professor have been performing together, stimulating laughter muscles and brain matter in front of sold-out audiences.

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