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Drink 'n' Draw

Event series

Drawing with a drink in one hand and a pencil in the other - «Drink’n’Draw». This is the motto of the drawing event for adults, which also takes place twice a year at the Natural History Museum Bern under the direction of #drinkndrawbern.

The «Drink’n’Draw» series has found its way from the bars of this world to the Natural History Museum Bern. Drawers come together twice a year in a relaxed atmosphere in the museum to live out their shared passion. We don't just have naked people as models, but also animal specimens.

There are countless skeletons and specimens for the artists to practice on, and of course undressed homo sapiens also take up their positions. It's worth coming early. The dioramas in the permanent exhibition also provide inspiration for those who can't get a seat. And if you need a creative break in between, you can get a drink at the bar.

Drawing materials will be provided.

The event is suitable for beginners and advanced artists.

Further information


Free admission, with collection (for material, fees for models, expenses for the «Drink’n’Draw» and museum crew)



From the age of 18


Doors open at 18.30h, with bar service

Museum doors close at 19.30h, so don't be late!




No reservations possible, but it's worth coming early for a good seat

Drawn artworks can be shared on social media with the hashtags #drinkndrawbern and #nmbern.