Burgergemeinde Bern


Burgergemeinde Bern, Innenhof Generationenhaus
The domicile of the Burgergemeinde: the Burgerspittel on the station square, in the centre of Berne.

The Natural History Museum is owned by the Community of the Burgergemeinde Bern, which invests millions of francs into it every year.

The Burgergemeinde Bern holds no public territory and does not enjoy fiscal sovereignty, but it is recognised by the constitution of the canton of Bern as a statutory corporation and is subject to communal law. It is a "community of persons" rather than a "territorial municipality" of residents. The Burgergemeinde Bern is made up of 17,676 members of the 13 societies and guilds, plus burghers not affiliated with a guild.  

That portion of the Burgergemeinde Bern's assets and income which does not go towards public welfare is subject to taxation. The Burgergemeinde funds a wide range of social, cultural, scientific and ecological projects and institutions which benefit everyone living in Bern. Its income is generated through land ownership and includes the profits of the DC Bank. 

In addition to the Natural History Museum, the Burgergemeinde institutions also include the Burgerspittel with its two operations in the Viererfeld and at the train station square, SORA for young adults and families, the «Berner Generationenhaus», the Burgerbibliothek of Berne, the Casino Bern and the DC Bank.