The award-winning series continues - Büsu 5 is out now!

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Was hat er wohl zu erzählen? NMBE

Rather than producing a thick annual report, which would most likely end up in the wastepaper bin, the Natural History Museum of Bern (NMBE) treats itself to a short film. Last year, the video annual report won a coveted EDI award, the most prestigious award in the Swiss advertising film industry – and now the sequel, Büsu 5, has also won recognition. The latest video in the Büsu saga features the museum’s famous stuffed animals talking directly to camera in a childlike way.

For the fifth consecutive year, the museum is presenting its annual report in the form of a short film. Every year, the museum works with the Bern-based production company Lomotion AG to produce a sequel. Each successive film has a new twist, but the lead character is always a stuffed cat called Büsu, voiced by the multi-talented Bernese comedian Matto Kämpf. Last year, Büsu 4 went viral. The unconventional annual report even picked up a prestigious award – the NMBE film was chosen from among 300 submissions to receive one of seven gold EDIs in 2018.

Last year’s film featured the voices of museum staff, and now Büsu 5 is giving its youngest visitors their say. Audio clips from real interviews with children provide the voices of stuffed animals from the museum’s collection. The result is a series of funny and quirky dialogues with the museum’s animal exhibits.

Büsu 5 NMBE