Re-opening: Our new permanent exhibition «Cabinet of Curiosities – The display collection»


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The Natural History Museum Bern is finally open again. As a special highlight, the newly opened permanent exhibition «Cabinet of Curiosities – The display collection» shows an insight into our natural history collection that is unique in Switzerland.

The new permanent exhibition «Cabinet of Curiosities – The display collection» brings part of the natural history collection to the light of day, and does so in a spectacular way: Around 19,000 objects are stored in over 15,000 jars on floor-to-ceiling shelves. Among them are iguanas, fish and crocodiles, insects and even a collection of eyes. However, the «Cabinet of Curiosities» is not only a display collection but also an active research site and deals with questions of species extinction, biodiversity and climate change. Two glass cases in the exhibition show a laboratory where scientists isolate DNA from the tissue samples.

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Media tours of the «Cabinet of Curiosities»

We are happy to give journalists and media representatives guided tours of the Wunderkammer and organise interviews with the responsible experts on request.

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