Hannes Baur

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Hannes Baur
Hannes Baur NMBE/Rodriguez

I am interested in parasitic wasps, especially Alpine chalcid wasps. Their diversity and distribution are poorly known. Even in Switzerland, where the mountains are particularly well investigated.


+41 31 350 72 64

Systematics and diversity of parasitic wasps

  • Taxonomic and phylogenetic revisions of genera of the family Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea).


  • Morphometric analyses of cryptic species complexes (e.g., in insects, fish, plants).
  • Application and development of statistical methods, for instance Multivariate Ratio Analysis (MRA) (see Baur & Leuenberger 2011, listed under my publications on Zotero).


  • Checklist of the Hymenoptera (Wespen, Bienen und Ameisen) of Switzerland, in collaboration with national and international specialists.

Lectureship at the University of Bern

Diversity, systematics and biology of parasitic wasps, practical (course 4580-HS2023-0 Institute of Ecology and Evolution)

This one week course (2 ECTS) takes places from August 14–18, 2023, at the Natural History Museum Bern. For further information and registration please send me an e-mail (see above).


For students

I offer the supervision of Bachelor- and Mastertheses on systematics, morphometry and morphology of selected groups of wasps (Chalcidoidea, mainly Pteromalidae). My current focus is on the evolution of morphometric and morphologic variation in relation to host adaptation.