Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Ausstellung Steine der Erde, Australischer Opal

Rocks of the Earth - Meteorites, diamonds & co.

Permanent exhibition

Rocks are an inexhaustible archive that contains a wealth of information about the Earth's structure and the history of life. The exhibition presents a cross-section of the Museum's geological treasures.

Daily life brings us into constant contact with natural crystals without us even realising. Cars, computers, buildings and bridges are all made out of minerals. The 2,300 minerals and rocks on display here are both fascinating and beautiful, with topaz, apatite, calcite and the likes creating a true feast for the eyes. The Natural History Museum also specializes in extraterrestrials - or at least extraterrestrial rock in the form of meteorites. Members of the Earth Sciences team played a leading role in the discovery of the Twannberg meteorite field, the only known strewn field in Switzerland.