Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Ausstellung Käfer& Co., Bunter Weissling

Beetles and co. — The colourful world of invertebrates

Permanent exhibition

Beetles, insects, butterflies and moths, slugs, snails and molluscs are the stars of an exhibition which combines large-screen projections, short films and over 1,000 objects to provide fascinating insights into the colourful world of invertebrates.

Believing ourselves to be the crowning glory of creation, we humans often forget that Earth is the planet of the insects. Approximately three-quarters of all known animal species are insects, and life is unimaginable without them. What would happen if they were all suddenly to die out? Scientists agree that it wouldn't be long until humans followed suit. Not only do insects help plants to reproduce, they also play a crucial role in keeping our planet tidy. If they stopped going about their invisible activities, huge piles of dung and rotting carcasses would accumulate in no time.

The exhibition explores the complex relationship between invertebrates and humans, delving into the distant past to show fossilized specimens from ages long gone, but also shedding light on extant species which have remained almost unchanged for millions of years.