Queer – Diversity is in our nature

Temporary exhibition

There are men, and there are women. Men love women, and vice versa. For hundreds of years, we thought and acted using these categories. But the old certainties are now crumbling. Queer stands for sexual and gender diversity – a diversity that is already part of our society, yet sometimes still leads to controversy. Again and again, we hear the question: What is natural?

When it comes to the animal kingdom and to human biology, the answer is almost everything! Nature offers a full spectrum of sexes and sexualities. For example, there are organisms with one, two and a thousand sexes – and some can be more than one sex simultaneously. Science also continues to discover new variations in human sex and gender. Biological sex isn’t as straightforward as we thought for all those years. And gender isn’t just physical, but mental as well.

The special exhibition «Queer – Diversity is in our nature» connects insights from biology with hot topics in our society. An exciting exhibition about the colourful diversity of nature and society.