Nature needs the city


For years, the loss of biodiversity has been progressing rapidly, not only in Switzerland but worldwide. Stadtgrün Bern and the Botanical Garden Bern are launching the theme year «Nature needs a city» - also with a tour of our museum.

With the theme year «Nature needs a city - More biodiversity in Bern», the City of Bern (Stadtgrün), together with the Botanical Garden, is calling on the population to actively strengthen the populations of wild, native animal and plant species. In addition to a varied programme, those interested can explore near-natural habitats in the city on seven city walks between 22 April and 30 October, report their observations on an interactive city map, or take an in-depth look at the topic of biodiversity and small structures in the Botanical Garden. Those who want to upgrade their garden will find the necessary information in a handbook published on the occasion of the theme year.

Tour of the Natural History Museum

Our museum is also participating in the theme year: during this time, visitors can take a tour through the museum and discover which animal species are found in the city and can be promoted.

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