Drawing animals

Event - Pica 07.09.2022 – 24.05.2023

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For all those who like to draw and want to get even better at it. Drawing and painting workshop for young and old, for beginners and experienced artists.
This event is held in german.

Animal drawing takes place once a month on a Wednesday afternoon from 14.00 - 16.00.

Topic overview

January 19, 2022: Hair, scales, feathers

What's the best way to draw the fur of a rabbit, the scales of a snake, or the feather structure of a wing? Or even a whole animal? There are many specimens as templates and just as many useful tips.

16. February 2022: Animals in motion

The animals in the museum are motionless, but we can still make them walk by drawing: We'll learn how to make them fly, walk, gallop, climb, swim, or dive this afternoon.

09 March 2022: Exotic birds

Draw and paint from shiny, colorful bird specimens from foreign lands.

13 April 2022: Crayfish, toads, beetles and reptiles

At first glance maybe not the most beautiful in the animal kingdom, but at second glance they become more and more fascinating while drawing and certainly never boring.

May 11, 2022: Animals and humans

Diverse are the relationships of animals and people while walking, working, hunting, riding, playing or feeding. How do you draw that?

01 June 2022: Predators and their prey

Fox and mouse, weasel and rabbit, lynx and deer - or maybe even T-Rex and Triceratops? A rich selection of specimens and models is waiting for you to combine as you wish.


Further information


from 7 years


5 CHF per person, adults additionally regular entrance fee

Meeting place

At the cash desk


obligatory and binding until 3 days before the workshop


Cancellations (without replacement) less than two days before the event will incur cancellation fees.