Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Kinder spielen mit den Themenkoffern

On our own initiative – Expedition for families and children

Permanent exhibition

For families and children – in addition to awesome activities, we make various offers that you can use on your own at any time in the museum.

Du hast eine ausgeprägte Entdeckernatur? Dann geh mit einem unserer Themenkoffer auf eine Reise durch das Museum. Wolltest du schon immer ein Wildschwein streicheln? Dann komm in der Entdeckerecke vorbei. Für Forscherinnen und Forscher mit einem Hang zu Steinen und Kristallen bietet das Geolabor vielfältiges Material. Und bewegungsfreudige Besucher und Besucherinnen sollten in Picas Nest beim Fuchs und Dachs vorbeischauen.

Explorer's suitcases

Do you belong to the young and curious explorers? As gear for an exciting discovery of the museum, you can pick up one of the 10 explorer's suitcases which are available (as yet, only one suitcase has been translated). There is certainly one topic amongst the various ones that you still don’t know. The suitcases are waiting for you after the reception desk in the cupboard with the portholes. You can get their key at the reception desk in exchange for the deposit of an ID card.

  • for free
  • requires the senses, playful and informative
  • for 3 categories: from 3 years, from kindergarten and from 1st grade


The suitcase

5 On safari tour from 3 years A suitcase full of rubber animals. How are they called? Do you find them full size in the dioramas?

Explorers’ area

In the explorers’ area is touching allowed: caress the skin of a beaver or a deer, feel the skin of an elefant, fan with a bird‘s wings, try and guess mysterious objects by touching them blindly in a box, make traces with a stamp, solve a jigsaw puzzle and a lot more.

  • you’ll find the explorers’ area on the first floor
  • it will be animated by volunteers on some days. They will show you more, rare and precious objects, and they will answer your questions.
  • you’ll find the animated times in the calendar

Zu diesen Zeiten ist die Entdeckerecke betreut

April bis Oktober

Mi 14–18 Uhr

Sa 11–17 Uhr

So 10–17 Uhr

November bis März

Mi 14–18 Uhr

Fr 13.30–17 Uhr

Sa 11–17 Uhr

So 10–17 Uhr

Während der Schulferien

Di 13.30–17 Uhr

Mi 14–18 Uhr

Do, Fr 13.30–17 Uhr

Sa 11–17 Uhr

So 10–17 Uhr

Museum geschlossen

24. Dezember 2017

1. Januar 2017


Make sparkles with a flintstone, study tiny fossils under the binocular microscope, measure yourself in a memory game of rocks, find out which minerals can be fissioned and which not.

In the geolab on the second floor, 35 little experimentation boxes exploring minerals stones and fossils are available. Here you can take stones in your hands, admire them and study them. When the room is not booked for a class, you can get the key for free at the reception desk, in exchange for the deposit of an ID card.