T. rex - Family day

For young and old 10.11.2019

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Ein Kind begegnet einem T.rex in Kostümform
Unterhaltung und Interaktion für Gross und Klein am Dino-Familientag NMBE Schäublin

The activities and the event will be held in German.

A Sunday with a packed program around the current special exhibition «T. rex - Do we know each other?»

The young and old visitors can expect many creative activities and offers around the dinosaurs - including stories, games, drawing, handicrafts, face painting and much more. In addition, the children's musician Roland Zoss visits us with his band and plays a concert theatre for the 20th anniversary of the «ABC-Dino-Xenegugeli».

The detailed programme will follow.

Das Detailprogramm folgt.

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Regulärer Eintritt: Kinder bis 16 gratis, Erwachsene 10.- CHF


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  1. 10:00 — 17:00