Drawing animals

Event - Pica 08.09.2021 – 08.12.2021

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Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Junge beim Abzeichnen eines Vogelpräparates
It certainly holds still: a boy draws a mounted bird.

For all those who like to draw and want to get even better at it. Drawing and painting workshop for young and old, for beginners and experienced artists.
This event is held in german.

Animal drawing takes place once a month on a Wednesday afternoon from 14.00 - 16.00.

Topic overview 08 September 2021: Beautiful feathered fowl

Birds, the direct descendants of the dinos, are represented on all continents in all sizes, colours and adaptations. We will draw them from a rich selection of specimens.

06 October 2021: Animals of Africa

Let your eyes wander over vast savannahs dotted with antelopes, wildebeests, zebras and elephants. In between, a pride of lions appears or a cheetah gets in front of the sketchpad. More than enough drawing fodder for everyone!

10 November 2021: Animals of the Dark

Owls, badgers, martens, bats or fireflies are out and about at dusk or in the dark. In this afternoon we will learn how to draw and paint them in a nocturnal mood.

08 December 2021: Dinosaur

Unfortunately, we no longer meet living dinoWeitere Informationensaurs (with the exception of birds). Nevertheless, we draw them like the real thing from many small models, masterful illustrations or from a life-size skeleton.

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from 7 years


CHF 3.00 per person

Meeting place

At the cash desk


obligatory and binding until 3 days before the workshop


Cancellations (without replacement) less than two days before the event will incur cancellation fees.

Es gilt für alle Maskenpflicht (auch für Kinder unter 12 Jahren).

Ab 16 Jahren gilt die Covid-Zertifikatspflicht. Bitte weisen Sie für die Einlasskontrolle ein gültiges Covid-Zertifikat und einen Ausweis vor.