Behind the scenes tour - fight against the beetles

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Fight against the beetles NMBE/Schäublin

Taxidermists as detectives, bugs as perpetrators. Our taxidermist looks back on ten years of experience in biological pest control and explains the dangers of handling chemically treated objects.

Poisons used to be ubiquitous in museums. In order to protect museum objects, such as prepared animals, from pest infestation, substances were sprayed or brushed - mostly arsenic. Today, taxidermists use other methods to control these unpopular little animals.

At the "Behind the Scenes Tour - Fighting the Beetles" our taxidermist shows how to fight the predators. The knowledge about the habits of insects is at the centre of the work: In the manner of a detective, we look for the smallest traces in order to recognize problems as early as possible. However, this close contact with the objects also entails dangers, as some older objects are still contaminated with toxic substances. During this guided tour, the guests gain a rare insight into this exciting profession.

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