Barry - Between Poetry and Truth

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Barry - Between poetry and truth
Barry - Between poetry and truth NMBE/Schäublin

As part of the bivouac exhibition "The White Danger" by the Alpine Museum of Switzerland, which is devoted entirely to the theme of avalanches, the Natural History Museum Bern is offering a guided tour of Switzerland's most famous mountain rescue dog: Barry.

Did the hairy hero actually save people from avalanches with a bottle of brandy around his neck? After a short tour through the "Barry Exhibition" in the Natural History Museum Bern, where the heroic deeds of the St. Bernard dog of the Great St. Bernard are shown, young and old interested people from 7 years of age dive into the cellar of the museum. Together with Dr. Stefan Hertwig, director and curator of herpetology at the museum, they will use bones and skeletons to explore what the hero dog of the time had in common with his relatives today. Which stories about Barry are true and which are myths? And wasn't the legendary rescue dog a real Saint Bernard at the end of the day?

A collaboration with the Alpine Museum of Switzerland.

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Adults and children 7 years and older (accompanied)

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approx. 1 hour