Within reach - A piece of the moon


In 1969, the impossible was achieved: the first manned spaceship landed on the moon. Half a century later, the moon landing still holds the same fascination. In honour of its 50th anniversary, our installation lets you encounter the moon first-hand.

The moon landing represents one of the greatest technological achievements in the history of humanity, and a significant development in the ‘space race’ between the US and what was then the Soviet Union. The University of Bern was heavily involved in developing the technological equipment for the Apollo mission: the Solar Wind Composition Experiment (SWC), a solar wind sail that the Physics Institute of the University of Bern played a major role in planning and evaluating, was also on board the spacecraft. It was placed on the moon by Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin even before the American flag. The ‘Bern im All’ (Bern in space) festival will be taking place in and around Bern in honour of this close tie between Bern and the moon landing.

Our museum is offering visitors the chance to experience the fascination of the moon first-hand: the piece of lunar rock on display comes from the lunar highlands, an area that shines particularly brightly. It was struck from the moon by a meteor and landed on earth.