Ausstellung T. rex Plakat Hintergrund, Palmen
T. Rex brüllt

T. rex – Do we know each other? (from 14 September)

Special Exhibition

Everybody has heard of T. rex, the most famous of all dinosaurs. But what do we really know about this fascinating monster? Our new special exhibition displays life-like replicas – the first of their kind in Switzerland.

When we think of Tyrannosaurus rex, the ‘king of the tyrant lizards’, we imagine the very incarnation of evil. Measuring 12 meters in length and weighing up to nine tons, it was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs – and one of the largest terrestrial predators ever to have roamed the planet. But it also had strengths that we wouldn’t expect – as well as surprising limitations... The exhibition displays life-like replicas of T. rex and other fascinating dinosaurs. It also gives a unique overview of the dinosaurs than lived in our region during the Mesozoic Era.

Developed and produced by the Natural History Museum in London – and adapted by the Natural History Museum in Bern.

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