Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Durch die Gänge, Grosse Tafelrunde im Skelettsaal

Food for Thought

Event - Help, it lives!

The event series ‘Food for Thought’ sees top-class cuisine served among our exhibitions, with a different theme each time. As part of the ‘Apocalypse’ exhibition, we will face the end of the world with a delicious yet resource-conscious vegan gourmet menu. The event will not only tickle the taste buds, but also stimulate the mind: scientists will dole out morsels of knowledge between the courses.

Eisblume Worb served up dishes on the theme of ‘Crystals’, the restaurant &Soehne dedicated a menu to ‘Bones’, the local champions from Jumi offered traditional Swiss delicacies, and the food designer Andrea Staudacher gave guests the chance to try insect creations. The culinary series ‘Food for Thought’ offers culinary experiments and flights of fancy against the exceptional backdrop of the museum. And it will also satisfy your hunger for knowledge: the museum’s scientists serve up easily digestible titbits of information on the relevant topic.