Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Adventure Rooms, Besucher mit Masken



We lock our visitors in the basement... AdventureRooms offers real-life escape games for groups. The newest room is called ‘Virus’ and was specially created for the ‘Apocalypse’ exhibition.

AdventureRooms is one of Bern’s latest success stories. A team of two to six people have to use cunning and skill to escape from a room within an hour. The ‘Virus’ game was developed exclusively for the Natural History Museum and contains different puzzles than the four existing games at Waisenhausplatz and in the Berner GenerationenHaus. It can also be played as a duel between two groups.

The young company, which started in Bern, has since expanded into over 20 countries worldwide. In Switzerland, you can find AdventureRooms in eight cities. The idea began with Bern-based schoolteacher Gabriel Palacios, who wanted to find a memorable way to demonstrate the laws of physics to his pupils. The project was so successful that he then founded a company with his brother five years ago.