Samuel Emanuel Studer, ca. 800 shells, 140 series. See: Forcart, L. 1957. Ipsa Studeri Conchylia. Professor Samuel Studer (1757-1834), seine Bedeutung als Naturforscher und die von ihm hinterlassene Molluskensammlung. Mit 7 Tafeln. Mitt. Naturf. Ges. Bern 15: 157-210.
Robert James Shuttleworth, 11874 – 200.000 shells, world-wide, many type-series. The type catalogues are published:

NEUBERT, E. & GOSTELI, M. (2003): The molluscan species described by Robert James Shuttleworth. I. Gastropoda: Pulmonata. Contributions to Natural History 1: 1-123.

NEUBERT, E. & GOSTELI, M. (2005): The molluscan species described by Robert James Shuttleworth. II. Polyplacophora, Gastropoda (Caenogastropoda), Bivalvia. Contributions to Natural History 5: 1-79.

Philipp Carl Ludwig Leutwein , ca. 15.000 shells (1.500 series), mainly Pulmonata from Central and Southern Europe, the Balkans, and Greece.
Tommaso Allery De Maria Marchese di Monterosato, 1890 – ca. 150 series of land molluscs from Southern Italy.
Napoleone Pini , 100 series, Pulmonata from Upper Italy.
Hippolyte Guilmin, 1920 – ca. 6.000 specimens (1.400 series), land molluscs, world-wide.
August Vogt, 1969 – ca. 4.000 shells, several hundred species, Pulmonata, Prosobranchia, world-wide.
Eleonore Graf, 1961/1973 – ca. 12.000 specimens, Prosobranchia from Moçambique.
Caesar Rudolf Boettger, 1910/1913 – small collection of land molluscs from the Upper Nile, several type specimens.
Arthur Conan Doyle, 1974 – 150 specimens, marine gastropods and bivalves, possibly from the Gulf of Aden.
Rolf A. M. Brandt, 1978 – 12.000 land and freshwater molluscs from Libya and Thailand including many paratypes.
Max Wüthrich, 1997 – ca. 100.000 shells and specimens in ethanol, 5.500 series, from Switzerland. The collection data were used for the book: Turner, H., Kuiper, J.G.J., Thew, N., Bernasconi, R., Rüetschi, J., Wüthrich, M.† & Gosteli, M. 1998. Mollusca Atlas. Atlas der Mollusken der Schweiz und Liechtensteins. Fauna Helvetica 2, CSCF/SEG, 527 pp.
Edward John K. Cross, 1995-2002 – ca. 9.000 specimens, 3.000 series, marine molluscs mainly from the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Oman, Kenia. Special finding localities: North-west Passage, Alaska, Falkland Islands, Shetland Islands.
Philippe Saunier, 1998 – ca. 20.000 specimens of marine molluscs, mainly from the Indopacific region, and 2.000 specimens of land and freshwater molluscs from Switzerland and Southern Europe. The extensive collection of marine gastropods and bivalves of Robert de Preux forms part of the collection of Ph. Saunier.