Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Entlebuch Cattle Dog (Entlebucher Sennenhund) FCI-Standard No 47


Date of Publication of the valid Original Standard:
January 31, 1994

Driving, watch, guard, house and farm dog. Today also a versatile working and agreeable family dog.

Brief historical summary

The "Entlebucher" is the smallest of the four Swiss Cattle Dogs. He originates from Entlebuch, a valley in the district of the Cantons Lucerne and Berne. The first description under the name "Entlibucherhund" dates from the year 1889, but for a considerable time after that date no difference was made between Appenzell and Entlebuch Cattle Dogs. In the year 1913 four examples of the small herding dog with congenital bobtail were exhibited at a dog show in Langenthal and introduced to Professor Albert Heim, that great patron of the Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dog breeds.

On account of the judges' reports, they were entered into the Swiss Canine Stud Book (SHSB) as the fourth Cattle Dog breed. However, the first Standard was only completed in 1927. After August 28th 1926, the date of the foundation of the Swiss Club of Entlebuch Cattle Dogs initiated by Dr.B.Kobler, this breed was promoted and continued as pure bred. As the small number of entries into the SHSB (Swiss Stud Book) shows, the breed developed only slowly.

The Entlebuch Cattle Dog received renewed impetus when, apart from his hereditary qualities as a lively, tireless driving dog, his outstanding suitability as an utility and companion dog was proved.
Today, still on a modest scale, this attractive tricoloured dog has found his admirers and enjoys increased popularity as a family dog.

Historical pictures The official standard for the Entlebuch Cattle Dog may be downloaded at the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) web site . Go to «Standards and Nomenclature», then to group 2, section 3.

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