Outline of research interests of the Department of Invertebrates

Christian Kropf
Functional morphology, phylogeny, systematics, biogeography und faunistics of spiders and skorpions.
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Charles Huber
Coleoptera, Carabidae: genera Nebria and Oreonebria (Palaearctic).
Systematics, biogeography, faunistics. larvae of the genera Nebria und Oreonebria.
Identification of all palaearctic species of the genera Nebria und Oreonebria (Carabidae).
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Eike Neubert
Type catalogue of molluscan taxa in Swiss museum collections.
Ecology and diversity of land molluscs.
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Hannes Baur
Taxonomy and systematics of holarctic Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae, Eulophidae, Leucospidae).
Taxonomy and systematics of central european Ensifera, Caelifera und Blattodea.
Identification of palaearctic Chalcidoidea and central european grasshoppers and cockroaches.
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Elsa Obrecht
Practical entomology
Diptera (forensic entomology, household pests, parasites, etc.)
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Dr. Christoph Germann
Weevils in the broad sense (Curculionoidea.
Biogeography, weevil-host plant interactions, life histories, taxonomy and systematics (morphology and molecular analysis), faunistics.
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