Geoscientific preparation

Preparation of scientific objects (project related): e.g. several, already published specimens for revision by external experts, Callovian macrofossils for the PhD thesis of Bernhard Hostettler, Jurassic echinoids for taxonomic revision, washing samples for micropaleontological research.
Recovery and/or conservation and preparation of collection specimens, such as historical fossils or newly discovered or bought fossils, e.g. from construction sites as Lötschberg Base tunnel, Neufeld tunnel; quarries survey or excavations; casting from delicate specimens to preserve.


Dicksonites pluckenetii, Carboniferous, Mitholz BE (material from the Lötschberg base tunnel)

Plesiogale angustifrons, Aquitanian, Neufeld BE (construction of the Neufeld tunnel)

To make aware how complexe and time-consuming preparation can be, and to have the possiblity to compare estimations for the amount of work, we monitor some of our preparation projects with taking photos of the preparation progress at regular intervals, eg. the Ichthyosaure for the exhibition Flossen Füsse Flügel.
To guarantee the highest possible quality of preparation new methods and new tools were wanted, invented and introduced and used.
Stenopterygius sp., Liassic, Holzmaden D:

  state by acquisition

state afer 350 hours of preparation

 front end of the snout, state by acquisition

front end of the snout, after 5 hours of preperation

front end of the snout, after 8 hours of preperation


Preparation or reconstruction of objects for exhibitions: Finalizing and amelioration of former preparation, consolidation of rock samples, reconstructions of body or skeleton, casts, mounting construction,
Stenopterygius longifrons, Liassic, Teysachaux VD