Advance notice «Apocalypse – End Without End»

9. October 2017

On the 10th of November the new exhibition «Apocalypse – End Without End» opens in the Natural History Museum Bern. 

The end of the world is a human invention, age-old yet more relevant than ever. All doomsday stories have a kernel of truth, for the threats facing Earth and its inhabitants  are real and ever-present. Natural disasters and man-made catastrophes such as war and environmental destruction inspire both fear and the need to make sense of events.
«Apocalypse – End Without End»  at the Natural History Museum Bern (from 10.11.2017) brings together apocalypse-related images, objects and narratives from science and art. Divided thematically into seven sections, the exhibition's focus ranges from factual analysis to prophecies, speculation, and undisguised delight in man's downfall.  
The result is a rollercoaster ride along the fault lines between nature and culture, human life and the universe. Visitors are forced to confront their own beliefs and experiences, and leave reassured and disconcerted in equal measure. «Apocalypse – End Without End» was developed in collaboration with Heller Enterprises, Zurich, with scenography by Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Zurich.