Nicolas Greber, MSc

Nicolas Greber, MSc

Earth Sciences e-mail

Assistant NMBE

PhD student at the Institut of Geology, University of Bern

Helping care the collection and supporting exhibitions

Using XRD, Raman spectroscopy, EDSX and mass spectrometry for: 

  • Mineral identification
  • Mineral quantification
  • Meteorite classification
  • Diverse geochemical analyses


  • Physical and chemical weathering of meteorites in the arabian desert
  • Molybdenum isotopes in magmatic and hydrothermal systems
  • Molybdenum isotopes during chemical weathering


Peer reviewed

Voegelin, A.R., Pettke, T., Greber, N.D., von Niederhäusern, B., and Nägler, T.F, (accepted). Magma differentiation fractionates Mo isotope ratios: Evidence from the Kos Plateau Tuff (Aegean Arc), Lithos,  doi.10.1016/j.lithos.2013.12.016.

Nägler, T.F., Anbar, A.D., Archer, C., Goldberg, T., Gordon, G.W., Greber, N.D., Siebert, C., Yoshiki, S., and Vance, D,. (accepted), Proposal for an International Molybdenum Isotope Measurement Standard and Data Representation, Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, doi: 10.1111/j.1751-908X.2013.00275.x

Greber, N.D., Pettke, T., and Nägler, T.F., (2014), Magmatic-hydrothermal molybdenum isotope fractionation and its relevance to the igneous crustal signature, Lithos, 190–191,  pp. 104-110.

Gnos, E., Hofmann, B.A., Halawani, M.A., Tarabulsi, Y., Hakeem, M., Shanti, Al, M., Greber, N.D., Holm, S., Alwmark, C., Greenwood, R.C., and Ramseyer, K., 2013, The Wabar impact craters, Saudi Arabia, revisited: Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 48(10), 2000-2014.

Baldwin G.J., Nägler T.F., Greber N.D., Turner E.C., Kamber B.S.,  2013, Mo isotopic composition of the mid-Neoproterozoic ocean: an iron formation perspective, Precambrian Research, 230, 168-178.

Elbert, J., Wartenburger, R., Gunten, von, L., Urrutia, R., Fischer, D., Fujak, M., Hamann, Y., Greber N.D., and Grosjean, M., 2012, Late Holocene air temperature variability reconstructed from the sediments of Laguna Escondida, Patagonia, Chile (45° 30'S): Palaeogeography, 369, 482–492.

Greber N.D., Siebert, C., Nägler, T.F. and Pettke, T., 2012, d98/95Mo values and molybdenum concentration data for NIST SRM 610, 612, and 3134: towards a common protocol for reporting Mo data. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 36(3), 291-300.

Greber N.D., Hofmann, B.A., Voegelin, A.R., Villa, I.M., and Nägler, T.F., 2011, Mo isotope composition in Mo-rich high- and low-T hydrothermal systems from the Swiss Alps: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75(2), 6600–6609.


Popular Articels

Greber N.D.und Hofmann, B.A., 2013, Minerale der Molybdänitlagerstätte am Alpjuhorn im Baltschiedertal (VS): Schweizer Strahler, no. 1, p. 1–6.

Zurfluh, F.J., Hofmann, B.A., Gnos, E., Eggenberger, U., Greber N.D., and Villa, I.M., 2012, Weathering and Strontium Contamination of Meteorites Recovered in the Sultanate of Oman: Meteorite,, p. 1–5.


Last 5 conference abstracts

Greber N.D., Nägler T.F., and Mäder U., 2013, Experimental investigation of molybdenum solubility under low atmospheric O2 concentrations: Implications for pre GOE conditions,11th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Lausanne

Greber N.D., Voegelin A.R., Pettke, T., and Nägler, T.F., 2013, Magmatic and Linked Hydrothermal Processes Fractionate Mo Isotopes, Goldschmidt Abstract, Mineralogical Magazine, 77(5), 1212

Greber, N.D., Nägler, T.F., Pettke, T. and Voegelin, A.R., 2013,Systematic Mo isotope fractionation in igneous systems: implications for earth’s crustal signature, EarthMetalIsotope (EMI) Conference, Ascona

Greber N.D., Neubert N., and Nägler T.F., 2012, Do Mo isotope fractionation processes accompany the dissolution of molybdenites? Studying the interface of water, molybdenite and their weathering products, 10th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Bern.

Greber N.D., Nägler T.F. and Pettke T., 2012, Mo-isotope composition of molybdenites: Implications for magmatic and hydrothermal isotope fractionation, EGU General Assembly 2012, Vienna.